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Be Bold With Burgundy This Fall

Be Bold With Burgundy This Fall

Regardless of the season, I usually enjoy flaunting bright and vibrant colors with my fits. I'm very expressive with my style, so anything that can exude optimism and enthusiasm is ideal. But I've noticed that with age, darker and richer colors have become more appealing. Black has always been a nice base for various looks, but darker colors serve as a nice alternative when I need a bit more personality. 

The color that I have become especially drawn to in the past year and some change is burgundy (or maroon, depending on the shade). Not only has it become more prominent in men's clothing selections, but it pairs very well with neutrals/browns. And what better time to start exercising burgundy into one's fits than during Fall. 


Here we see a look I call  "Bad Boy Burgundy" - being a bad boy is completely optional of course. This look falls perfectly in line with the "street style" craze that is all over IG, but has a nice touch of sophistication to it that can certainly set one apart from the rest. Let's talk details. What are the chances that I was able to find both the jacket and scarf from Forever 21 Men - at the same store? Literally a match made in heaven, you cannot go wrong with this. To help complete the look, we have a finely textured jean from H&M, and serving at the foot of the outfit is one of my favorite pairs of brown boots from Calvin Klein. 


What makes this look so fabulous is the dual purpose it helps serves. On one hand you'll look more stylish then ever and absolutely be a show stopper - and then on the other hand, you will be 100% cozy and warm as the weather makes its way through Fall and all of the way into the beginnings of Winter. Additionally, the scarf is rather large and long, so it can be draped around your neck, shoulders, etc. in a variety of ways - further adding some versatility to how you present yourself in this outfit. Be bold. Be a boss. Be burgundy. 


Continuing the burgundy trend this Fall, here is another look that will help any man exude luxury and elegance - without paying a luxurious price. The components include a long, burgundy woolsweater from H&M, a sleek and soft micro-fiber tee from Calvin Klein (I have like 4 of these shirts, this kind of tee is one of the best things in the world), a slimming brown belt from Guess, and some faded black jeans from Forever 21 Men.


Another versatile look, the sweater can either be worn open (as seen in the photos), or zipped for a coated and dapper look that will keep you serving heat through any gust of wind. While both forms are exquisite, I happen to be a huge fan of the zipped look, because the sweater zips to your right side instead of down the middle (similar to the burgundy jacket seen above). Wish I would have thought ahead and gotten some photos of what that looks like - but you will just have to get out there, pick one up, and experiment. 


You don't have to be a model to walk down the city streets looking like you're fresh off the runway in this one of a kind fit. I think we can all go ahead and put this into a sub-category of its own: casual modern style chic. But then again, as with most things with me, I suppose that's getting a little extra. But who cares when you look this good. 

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