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Casual Meets Classy For Summer Days In DUMBO

Casual Meets Classy For Summer Days In DUMBO

When I first arrived in Brooklyn, it was right on the tail end of Winter,  so in the midst of getting settled in my new neighborhood, I had to navigate the streets of slush and snow. Being used to the forever sunshine that one can find in Florida, I was eager to see what the brighter days in NYC would be like. If you live here, then you know that this season has been rather hit or miss - with on and off rainy days - and random days of sweltering heat. The inconsistent weather has been a bit annoying to work around, but it makes you appreciate the days like today when you have blue skies, sunshine and a refreshing breeze as you venture through the city. 


For days like these, shorts are a must, but settling for a simple t-shirt and some sneakers doesn't do the day or its plans justice. The agenda included a brunch date and some exploration of one of DUMBO's local parks - so my look had to be versatile. My black boots are always a staple in my looks, so I had to construct my outfit around them and the jean shorts I recently got from H&M. I wanted to stay bright since it was a beautiful sunshiny day of course, so I chose to go with my rose button down with navy blue thread poka dots from Zara. As a creative touch, and to seal in the black as I always love to do, I draped my light-weight, cotton black sweater from Guess over my shoulders. 


We had to skip along the roads of Vinegar Hill on our way to brunch, which are filled with storefronts and condo buildings that exude the charming character of the neighborhood. I knew this look I assembled, which derives inspiration from the country club appeal, would be a fitting complement to the colors and architecture present throughout. 

Following brunch, stretching our legs was in order, so the day's flow brought us deeper to the water's edge in Dumbo, where we stumbled upon the absolutely beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park, which had been uncharted territory until now. With it being such a flawless day, the park was alive with people and positive energy. What made the park so enchanting was its place right underneath the Brooklyn Bridge - as well as the priceless view of the Manhattan city line across the river. 


In walking about the trails, we stumbled upon a spot upon some rocks, which was framed perfectly by the bridge overhead and some flourishing bushes with vibrant flowers in bloom. With the colors calling my rose shirt - there couldn't be any better place for a photo-op. 

After taking in a few more moments of the Spring breeze and sunshine, we stopped by Peas and Pickels for some lunch time eats and headed home. I live for days like these, and if this was any indication of what NYC has in store for the Spring and Summer seasons, I anticipate many more pleasant adventures to come. 


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