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How To Add Some Preppy To Your Step This Season

How To Add Some Preppy To Your Step This Season

With bright and sunny weather comes the insatiable desire to wear shorts - well, for most people at least. There are endless ways to craft an outfit around shorts: from a tank and flip flops, to a simple tee and some Nike's. But I personally enjoy taking the more dressy casual route with my looks, which have been referred to as "School Boy" or "Golfer Chic" by friends and associates. 

These references are attributed to the incorporation of dress socks into the looks that I put together. Socks have had a subtle style statement in men's fashion for decades, but I feel as though recently we have seen a surge in the variety of colors and designs that men can play around with for optimal expression. There's always a time and place for the bright and colorful socks, but for our purposes here, I would like to focus on two looks in which I took more of a monochromatic approach. 

Let's start with the look that I like to call - "Calvin Strikes Black". This outfit features a body fit polo from Calvin Klein, fitted black shorts from H&M, gray & black Calvin Klein dress shoes, with black argyle Gold Toes dress socks. These pieces together create a sleek, power look that is sure to give any guy a touch of boldness as they go about the city this season.

What makes this outfit so coordinated is the way the texture of the polo reflects the mix of gray and black in the shoes - which is accentuated by the consistent presence of the colors across the socks. Whether bossing up and down the halls at the office or grabbing lunch with friends, be prepared to make a strong statement. 

Now . . . let's get a bit more creative with this whole preppy take. This next look relies heavily on complementary clothing pieces to exude a rich presence. The basis for this outfit: a grayscale, casual button down from Guess, a sweet pair of white shorts from H&M, and the same pair of lovely dress shoes from the look above. Then what takes this look to the next level is Black in all of its variety: a luxurious vest from Nordstrom, a fun pair of white-spotted dress socks from none other than H&M, and a simple neck tie as a finishing touch. 


Stylist Hack: For the neck tie, I didn't simply want to rely on a basic black tie as an accent - I wanted something a bit more soft to add an extra touch of extravagance to the look. So I purchased a sheer, women's scarf from Target, cut to a length comparable to that of a men's tie - tying it around my neck in a standard manner. It's the little things that make a difference. 

So, safe to say the preppy look isn't just for the juvenile and scholarly. If you can bring the right pieces together, that adequately reflect a happy mix of masculinity and sophistication, you're prepared to be a standout with your summer style. 

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