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Powerful in Pink: Creative Mens Street Style

Powerful in Pink: Creative Mens Street Style

I find that I usually thrive the most during Fall. There's something about the change in season that makes me a little more introspective - encouraging me to be more thoughtful about my goals and taking the appropriate steps to achieve them. It's largely a spiritual thing, but that's a topic for another blog. With this thought in mind, I was definitely looking forward to fully embracing my Fall fashion - especially with it being my first time experiencing the season in New York. It's been quite refreshing so far - and I must say that I'm already loving all of the different looks that I'm seeing people displaying. Scarves, pea coats and boots, oh my!


As silly as it is, one thing that I was really looking forward to this season was rocking the pink leather jacket that I got from Zara in late Spring. Now, I have no idea why they would sell such a heavy clothing item right before Summer. Even with the jacket being bright and powder pink, it would have in no way been realistic to wear it during the sweltering weather. But of course, seeing how beautiful it is, I couldn't resist adding it to my wardrobe. The leather is so polished and smooth, giving a pretty and clean touch to the rugged and tough vibe that this jacket would otherwise have. A slightly annoying piece to this story -  I ended up finding the jacket on sale just a few months later. My own fault for being impatient and easily infatuated - but no regrets given how well the jacket inspired the look that we're about to get into.

Get 20% off entire purchase w/ code XDF20 @ ClassyMenCollection.com

Get 20% off entire purchase

w/ code XDF20 @ ClassyMenCollection.com

Starting with some background, the brand Classy Men Collection (CMC) reached out to me a couple of months ago about helping be an ambassador for their accessories. In exploring their inventory, I noticed that they had a pink suede cap, which I instantly thought would be a perfect partner to my beloved leather jacket.  That pairing serves as the basis of this look, and as far as styling the rest, I decided to go black to add some contrast. For the shirt, I had found this sheer, collar-less black button down from Guess - which I thought would balance out the weight of the leather jacket well. On that same note, I wanted to go skinny-jean (which is 90% of my pant collection anyway), and the body-paint blue jeans from Topman couldn't have been a better choice. 

Dissecting the details further, another great piece that I was able to incorporate were the groovy sunglasses that I also got from CMC. They are definitely a cherry on top of this rather trendy street style look. Continuing along with the accessories, you can barely tell, but I'm also wearing a couple of black necklaces that I got from Topman. They are a subtle but charming touch to the outfit. I like how passive they are in this ensemble, because once you realize that the shirt is sheer and are drawn in by the depth that adds, you then notice the necklaces. It's like once you thought you took in everything there was to get from this fit, you keep discovering more elements. I couldn't be more pleased by that idea. 


I can't go any further without talking about these heavenly Steve Madden boots. My philosophy is that you can't have too many black shoes as long as there are some difference in each of their styles. I have always been a frequent walker, but that activity increased after moving to New York - so I quickly wore down the soles in all of my boots and each pair develop holes at the bottom. So being in the market for a new pair of black boots, I wanted to go practical but extravagant. Shopped around a few places, but wasn't finding anything that really spoke to me, until I hit Steve Madden. Once I saw these guys, I knew we were meant to be together. Just look at them - there's zippers on either side of the tongue, and the shoelace grommets are on their own loose strips of material. I have never seen anything like these boots and with them zipping above the ankle, I happily welcomed them to the family. I wear them pretty much every other day now, and I'm confident that I will be able to do so for a while. 


We all know the saying "pretty in pink" - but I'd like to take the opportunity to coin the phase "powerful in pink." As I've mentioned before, street style is all of the rage on IG presently, and I can already see that looks are becoming cliche and repetitive. It's easy to follow these basic trends, but I actually find an opportunity to explore twists to outfits that display the full range of style that guys can take advantage of. It's just a matter of thinking about things differently and being creative in how you approach it all. Don't be afraid to be powerful - don't be afraid to be pink. 

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