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Style Inspiration: Japanese Design & Dreams

Style Inspiration: Japanese Design & Dreams

Every time that I tell people that I don't have a passport, I usually get a "You don't have a passport?!" response. No - I have not been in a position where traveling outside of the United States territory has been a priority, or even a real opportunity for that matter. My family barely had the funds to travel domestically as I was growing up, let alone abroad. And through college, I was so preoccupied with where I was taking my life, and trying desperately to propel myself beyond my circumstances. Of course, anyone can focus on getting a passport if they really want one, but for me, time has largely been spent on surviving.

But that's not to say I never thought about visiting other countries. There is one country that I have always wanted to travel to, even since childhood, and that would be Japan (the city of Tokyo specifically). It could be attributed to my love for anime, or perhaps my inclination toward Asian spirituality and culture - either way, Tokyo, Japan is a destination that has consistently been in my heart. Having recently caught the travel bug and with my eagerness to visit this lovely place soon, it is no surprise the following look was conceived. 


Zara hasn't exactly been on my list recently. I feel like their inventory has been leaning so aggressively toward androgyny and street style lately, and that isn't 100% in alignment with my taste right now. But when I saw this shirt, I was spirited away (get the reference?) by the Japanese-inspired pattern and elegance of the overall design. The material is silky and smooth, adding to the luxuriousness of the piece. With such a classy shirt, I knew that I had to get the rest of the look up to par, so I decided to go with a simple pair of gray slacks from H&M, one of my new favorite pair of dress boots from Aldo, and some gold/brown accessories. 


I think we need to talk a bit more about the shirt and accessories. Another reason I love the pattern of this shirt so much is because of its complementary elements. You have the rich, deep blue base color of the shirt, which helps the vibrant golden-orange floral/animal illustrations glow. And with these illustrations radiating off of the shirt, you can easily accent the shirt with gold and brown accessories (and shoes of course). Similar to the silver chains that I discussed a couple of posts ago, I got these heavenly gold chains from Topman as well - and my fashion has thanked me ever since. I love the look of having the top few buttons of the shirt undone and letting some necklaces peak through - it's sexy, sophisticated and supreme. And then on the wrists, I'm rocking brown bracelets to help bring some coordination between the shirt/necklaces and the shoes. 


Speaking of shoes, these double monk strap ankle boots from Aldo are the answer to my style prayers. I may have just been oblivious until the past several months, but I didn't really start noticing monk straps until I moved to New York. I'm so used to dress shoes that lace up, so when I first saw a pair of monks, I knew that I had to get some stat. While I have been in the market for a more casual, street-style pair of brown boots, my collection is always happy to embrace a fresh pair of princes like these. I think my favorite part about these is literally the fact that they're a monk strap and boot combo. Honestly, I'm not always a fan of the standard dress shoe that falls below the ankle - with these reaching a little higher and having a little extra heel, I can strut with that much more power. And given how well they serve as a strong base for this outfit, I'm living in this look. 


If just the thought of traveling to Japan was able to inspire a look like this - I can only imagine how positively my style will be impacted when I actually make my way across the ocean. I've heard so many great things about Tokyo, including the culture, the architecture, and most importantly, the fashion! So in looking at timing - we have Thanksgiving travel to Florida, and then Christmas/New Years travel back to Florida to round out the year. But come the beginning of 2018 - the sky is the limit, so I better start planning and get my freakin passport so I can make the trip. Hold me to it! 

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