“Happiness goes a long way - take a piece of it with you wherever you go.”
— X


My name is Xavier Farley, and I am an emerging blogger, stylist and part-time model currently enjoying life in the DUMBO district of New York City. I was born and raised in the beautiful Colorado, where I studied human development in university and established a career in the ever-changing industry of digital marketing. While my interests have always surrounded psychology and technology, there has always been a spark of passion for fashion and style developing within me. This passion quickly evolved to a blazing vision, driving me to seek greater opportunity and taking me to the forever sunny Florida. 

During my two years in the sunshine state, I continued pushing my career in digital marketing forward at Zimmerman Advertising, while collaborating with local photographers, MUAs and models in Miami on photoshoots - developing a fashion/modeling portfolio. In the process of establishing myself, and encountering a series of door openings and closures, a hunger for further expansion surfaced and I knew I had to make another move in order to continue climbing up destiny's ladder.  It was near the end of the second year in Florida that some colleagues and I decided to take the leap and move to this incredible place they call NYC.

While still laying roots within all of the hustle and bustle, I am quickly making connections and fulfilling my dreams, both professionally and personally. The mission is to transform people's perspective on men's style, and shed light on a new way of looking at life and happiness. Come along with me as I record my chronicles in fashion, exploration and travel - the excitement only escalates from here!