As you can tell from the self-titled website URL, my name is Xavier - and I appreciate you taking some time to pay a visit. It is a pleasure to introduce you to XDF, a unique space for discussing perspective, innovation and creativity in the form of weekly blog content. Yes, this is another blog, but I promise it's a really, really good one! 😉

You can also learn a bit about the services that I offer as a budding digital consultant and professional fashionista. From leisure to business, XDF has both ends of the spectrum covered. So if any of this sounds remotely intriguing - than pleased to confirm that you have come to the right place. 


A Little More About XDF

There is so much in the world to talk about, and plenty of it is interesting. But there are three core areas that represent XDF and contain the perspective, innovation and creativity we're all looking for. 



We all have opinions and unique perspectives that are our own. I aim to achieve experiences that enrich my life with ongoing discovery and growth. Whether covering my travels, highlighting my journeys in food, or simply expressing myself, there is plenty to talk about it. 



Growing up in a time when the internet was young, I witnessed as it gradually changed the world. Now I make a living with the knowledge I've gathered on the digital space over the years. As the industry continues to evolve, I strive to share my thoughts on the latest developments



Everyone has a style, even if it has yet to be discovered. I am constantly maturing and advancing my sense of style, and my passion for fashion continues to thrive with each year and trend. There are endless possibilities with fashion, and I intend to document the full range. 


There's More Where That Came From

XDF is not just a blogging playground, it is also a business. I take all of these experiences, innovations and creativity, and share it with others to help make a difference in their lives. From acting as an influencer on behalf of brands, to developing marketing strategies for companies, to supporting people with their personal style. You might be wondering how a single entity can do so many different things. Well, I invite you to explore what XDF has to offer  - and when you're ready, let's get to work!

Brand Ambassadorship

Leverage the @XDF micro-influencer network and present your fashion, travel or lifestyle brand to an engaged audience. Whether it be campaign partnerships, seasonal promotions or product reviews, there are various ways to collaborate. 

Digital Strategy & Consulting

The world has been going digital for years, and that momentum isn't stopping anytime soon. From small start-ups to established brands, XDF has the knowledge and background to identify how your business can continue to grow and innovate. 

Personal Styling & Shopping

Many people want to embrace a style all their own, but not everyone has the ability to do that. Not sure what looks work for you, having trouble finding that right fit, or simply don't have the time to shop? Share your challenges and try XDF on for size. 

Full Service Offerings COMING SOON. Reach out in the meantime and let's see what we can do for you.